Our history


In the ’70s, Denise Debasc undertook Haute couture studies in Paris. Her first atelier was located on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, but in need of larger premises, she moved to Rue Réaumur shortly after.

In the late ’80s, she employed up to 100 workers to meet the constantly growing orders for custom-made and special items. Consequently, the Debasc Boutique was opened on the Champs-Élysées to display and sell her finest creations.

In the late ’90s, Mrs. Debasc retired, leaving behind the name of a great firm.


In 2018, Denise Debasc’s adopted granddaughter—who undertook the same studies as her grandmother in Paris—decided to revive the name of DEBASC. Mainly interested in creating accessories, the young Debasc decides to glorify leather goods by transforming them into everyday jewelry.

Revitalized by this fresh start, DEBASC becomes a firm of contrasts and innovation that challenges the manufacturing steps of the simplest accessory and imagines sober collections, reaching a fine balance between purity and singularity.


Denise Debasc’s granddaughter gives leather goods a new style, combining different types of leather and precious metals to create unique pieces.

Drawing on her bold choice, Maison DEBASC offers products for both men and women. This innovative evocation of leather goods is fashioned to meet the expectations of customers who love the contemporary but also the timeless. 



The reputation of French craftsmanship has no boundaries and handmade products remain a guarantee of quality. Therefore, Debasc only sells carefully handcrafted items for which each manufacturing step is exclusively performed in France.

The different types of leathers also come from French tanneries, thereby guaranteeing faultless treatment processes.